Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School

Reality is slowly sinking in!  We are going back to school very soon!
Terri from Kitchen Keepsake had the perfect Muse for back to school this week.  It was a cute idea with clothespins and a tuna can.  From there a back to school set for Jerry developed.
I went and got my clothespins for the tuna can idea. First I got some from the Dollar tree, they were really flimsy. I got some from Walmart, the pins are smaller but more sturdy. My tuna can was too big, I guess you need a small tuna can. So I decided to alter the clothespins and the can separately. Once I did those I had to get another can to complete the set. Then I thought some magnets would go perfect!                                    I used FancyPants designer paper.  It is an oldie but it is one of my favorites, Rough and Tough series.

To the pins I added a flat head thumbtack with E6000 and designer paper, Fancy Pants.

The magnets, E6000 glue

Jerry's bulletin board:


The cans:


Kitchen Keepsake is giving away a gift certificate at the end of the month.  Every project we make gives us an entry for the giveaway!
I wonder how many entries to the raffle will I get with my projects.

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  1. What a great set of projects. I completely love the bulletin board!