Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mary's Photo Scavanger Hunt

1.  View from my kitchen.  (Dry weather)

2.  Spatula

3.  My mixer.  "who's my baby... yes you are... yes you are!!! (I love my mixer)

4.  My dishes.  TPC

5.  Timer

6.  Pot holder.  Matches my mixer

 7.  My scrap place. ( my dinnig room)

8.  My favorite grocery store ( there is not too much to choose from)

9.  Eggs

10.  A beverage

11.  My husband cooking(this morning).  He makes me a taquito every morning.

 12.  My favorite place to eat.  Very clean, employees are so courtious and attentive, and 20% discount to teachers and their family.

 13.  My weather.  Cool and windy, very unsusal in this area.

14. Picture of me.  Listening to a story teller.

15.  Price of gas.  This was Friday.

16.  My Kitchen

17.  A favorite snack, Jicama
18.  A project I'm working on.  The second part to Janet's challenge

19.  Pots and pans. TPC

20.  Something you collect. Willow Tree Angels!( I keep them in my china cabinet)

1 comment:

  1. Oh LOLIS! I adore the word art in your kitchen! Well, I adore your kitchen, food included. :-D