Tuesday, July 22, 2014

T-Shirt Quilt for Jerry

    It is with a heavy heart that I have suddenly realized that summer is almost ending, and with it, the time I have to finish this project.  It seemed  that the more I prolonged getting started on this quilt, the longer it would be for Jerry to leave to college.  Even though I'm trying to stall for time, it isn't working, my son  is leaving sooner than later in a few weeks.
This is the second T-shirt quilt I make, and I wish I would have documented my first quilt better 2 years ago.  Now, without further due, here it goes, my documentation.

       The Making of Jerry's T-shirt Quilt
Step 1

Gather the t-shirts you want to use.  My quilt is going to be very big. I'm using 47 t-shirt squares.  I pulled about 60 shirts, from those I picked the best ones, trying to cover all the different activities and interests.  Some of the shirts have a front and a back that can be used.  Some shirts I didn't want to cut, like his Bi-District Champions shirt or the first football jersey he ever wore.  A quilt can be made with less shirt squares. 



This on will be spared, this title is attained every 25 years!
Maybe I'll do a shadow box with it.


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