Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt

Or maybe I should call it Memory Quilt!  I started working on this quilt at the beginning of my summer break.  It is for my son Jorge.  It has t-shirts from when he was 3 to his Senior Year and they are a  sample of  the different activities and  events he was involved.  The hardest part was cutting the t-shirts.  I attempted to cut them several times, but I would start crying.  During one of those days, my friend Gloria called me just when I was in my crying bout.  She reminded me, that it would be so much better to have the shirts in a quilt and not boxed away somewhere never to be worn again.  Thank you, Gloria.    I also doubted my sewing and quilting skills, but my wonderful husband kept reminding me of other successful sewing projects I've done before.  Thank you Jorge for cheering me on!  When I told my friends from Kitchen Keepsake about my project they were very supportive, thank you Amy for the videos you found for me! I've also admired Angie's quilts since she started quilting, so I told her about my project and she offered a very helpful video and advice, thank you Angie.  Angie's blog has been one of my sources for this project.   I'm only halfway done, but I already feel very accomplished, Angie was right, it has been very rewarding.
Jorgie and Jerry have been very supportive, very patient and so helpful!  Jorgie really loved it, I should have taken a picture of him when he first saw it!  And Jerry was so impressed with it, he is looking forward to his quilt! Thank you guys, you are the best!
Eventhough the quilt isn't  finished I wanted to share a picture of the t-shirts all put together.  I'll show the completed project once is done.
IMG_3361-1.jpg IMG_3361
It is pretty big! My next step is to get the fabric for the backing and the filling. Get ready guys!(Jorge, Jorgie and Jerry) We are going shopping!


  1. Oh my gosh this is wonderful and beautiful I sooo want to make one of these one of these days.. what a beautiful memory and something practical!!

  2. Your quilt is amazing! I don't know how you could have doubted yourself. What a lovely way to preserve memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Again, congratulations to you...I will tell you something...I still have the quilts my grandmothers made for me...so, they last forever...you have done several wonderful things Lolis....one, you have preserved childhood memories for your son...two, you have created the best gift in the world for your son...three, that gift? is to have you for as long as he lives...because for as long as he lives, even after you pass on, he will know that this was something you did and he will always cherish that blanket. You have made yourself immortal to him. Congrats!! One suggestions, This lady I know from Salt Lake City does this...and for the other side of the quilt...she also patches pictures of the family...I think she looks for it online...If I see her I will ask...I worked with her once about 3 years ago...unfortunately, in my job, we work with the same person every 10 years or so...but, I will see if I find her mailbox and ask where she gets the fabric printed..but, I am sure you can google it...I think they may print pictures on fabric at the malls...in the kiosks at malls..it may be expensive...but, its an option. Good luck with your quilt and please post pics when you are done. : ) HUGS!